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    Great Books to Read While Visiting Key West and the Florida Keys

    The Florida Keys and Key West have been the home of many great authors, and are a great place to relax – so what better to do than find some fun beach reads for the Florida Keys? Key West is an incredible literary town, with a rich tradition of some of the world’s most revered writers calling it home. Combine that with the island lifestyle “where the weird go pro,” Key West and the Florida Keys are the perfect place to grab a great book and enjoy! Hemingway Books to Read in Key West A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway One of the most immortal classics by Hemingway himself,…

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    7 Budgeting Tips for Long-Term Travel

    Long-term travel is a dream come true, but budgeting for it is a significant undertaking. When you’re budgeting for long-term travel, you have to have a plan for how much money you need, and a plan for when you get home. These budgeting tips for long-term travel are here to help you make sure you don’t get into a budget bind while you’re abroad. See how much I spent on my four-month round the world trip. 1. Plan Your Budget by Day By City or Country Before you leave for your trip, it’s a good idea to build a spreadsheet with the places you think you’ll go, and a rough…

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    How To Plan A Round-the-World Trip

    There are no shortage of logistics when you’re planning any sort of trip, but when you’re thinking about how to plan a round-the-world trip, there are even more. So when it came to planning my four-month round-the-world trip, I knew I was in for some major planning. Here’s a recap of how I planned my round-the-world trip, with some lessons I learned from hindsight as well. Put The Big Rocks In First You know the story about putting the big rocks in first in life? It’s equally applicable when you’re planning a big trip. For me, the big rocks were the key things I wanted to do. Everything else could…

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    Visiting Europe In the Summer: What You Need to Know

    School’s out, the sun’s out – it’s summer! You finally have a few weeks to take the dream vacation to Europe. Before you go, make sure you’re prepared for what to expect from summer in Europe. 1. Air Conditioning Is Not Used As Much As in the US Europeans, in general, are much more tolerant of the heat than in the US. If you must have air conditioning, make sure to double check that your hotel offers it – and definitely check if you’re using AirBnB. For places that have AC, know that it won’t be turned down quite as much as it would in the US. I heard many…

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    12 Tips for Taking a Budget Trip to Italy

    Staying on a budget in Italy can be daunting, and it can feel impossible to take a budget trip to Italy. It’s an incredible country with so much to see and do, and all of it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But, it’s possible to adhere to your budget and see some of the most amazing things in the world. (Not to mention eating some of the best food in the world!) 1. Do Extensive Research Yes, it’s an old tip but it’s a good one. Make sure that your research includes as much as it can about where you’re going. Be prepared for the costs you’re likely to encounter. For instance,…

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    Books to Read Before You Visit Florence, Italy

    Florence is one of the most unique and incredible cities in the world – and it’s also one of the most storied. One of the best ways to get ready for your vacation and immerse yourself in it while you’re there is by reading books set in that location. I love the history books that make the ancient city come alive, or the retrospectives that will explore how the Medici ruled the city, or even just the history books. All parts of Florence are alive with art, beauty and history. A Room With a View As a tourist, what I love about this book is that it’s the story of…

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    Books Set In the Amalfi Coast, Capri, & Naples

    I love when I can read books set wherever I’m visiting, and there are many awesome books about the Amalfi Coast, Naples, and Capri! Books Set in the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Sorrento The Night Villa This fascinating and suspenseful book is set both in ancient Pompeii and modern Capri. It’s the perfect read to feel deeply involved in the history of Pompeii, and to feel the romance of Capri. This is also an excellent beach or airplane book! Stones of the Madonna Set in Positano, this tells the story of two Americans who are – you guessed it – escaping from their past. Reasonably predictable, this book is no…

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    What to Pack for Italy

    Packing for an Italian vacation is not easy – given the variety of things to do in Italy and places to see, you need to be ready for just about anything. From the sun and fun of the Italian Riviera to the crowds of Venice and Rome, an Italian vacation is always a whirlwind. So, what are the best things to make sure you have in your bag? Essentials to Pack for Italy 1. Sunscreen You might think you’ll be heading to museums all day, but you’ll be in the sun more than you think. Especially in the summer, the sun can beat down throughout Italy. Sunscreen is also a…

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    Wanderlust and Travel Gifts for Grads

    If you have a grad in your life who loves to travel, it can be hard to find the right travel graduation presents. For grads who are graduating and heading off to travel, or those who simply dream of it, here are options for you to celebrate their wanderlust and graduation! Travel Graduation Gifts Under $50 An Ultralight Nalgene Bottle ($6) All of the durability of a normal Nalgene bottle packing a few fewer ounces. I loved packing cords in mine – I knew they wouldn’t get crushed in transit! Even when you’re not traveling, these are perfect for workouts or just around town. Colorful World + Europe Throw Pillow…

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    India First Aid Kit: What You Should Pack

    A good India first aid kit can be a trip-saver if something happens – even as small as a cut, scrape, or runny nose. Yes, you can buy just about anything in India that you can at home – but you might not want to right when you need it! My mom, who is a hospital administrator and an RN, helped me pack my round the world first aid kit. If you’re just heading to India, you won’t need quite as much!