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    Where to Stay in Jaipur, India

    Jaipur is India’s Pink City, and is the third city in the “Golden Triangle.” It’s a must-see city for anyone heading to India, and worth at least a few days of visiting. Jaipur is somewhat spread out, so deciding where to stay can be challenging. The best plan is to map out the points you want to visit and find a hotel in a good place in relation to those. Luxury Hotels in Jaipur, India ($150+/night) The Rambagh Palace Hotel (From $400/night) This is the hotel to stay at in Jaipur. If you’re going to splurge, do it here! The location is fantastic and close to everything in the city,…

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    Where to Stay in Agra, India

    If you’re in Agra, you’re likely there for the Taj Mahal. Luckily, most hotels in Agra are clustered right around the Taj itself. There is a lot to do in Agra that’s not just the Taj Mahal, so consider staying at least a night or two to really absorb the city. It’s also a fairly cheap city for hotels – there’s only one hotel that’s going to be incredibly expensive, and all the others are quite reasonable. Luxury Hotels in Agra, India (Expensive: $150+/night) The Oberoi Amarvilas ($350+/night) This is the kind of hotel dreams are made of. Every room has a view of the Taj Mahal, and it’s played…

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    India First Aid Kit: What You Should Pack

    A good India first aid kit can be a trip-saver if something happens – even as small as a cut, scrape, or runny nose. Yes, you can buy just about anything in India that you can at home – but you might not want to right when you need it! My mom, who is a hospital administrator and an RN, helped me pack my round the world first aid kit. If you’re just heading to India, you won’t need quite as much!

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    Awesome Hotels in Delhi, India

    When you’re visiting Delhi, it can be hard to pick the right hotel. If you’re going to visit the Taj Mahal, it’s likely that you’ll fly in and out of Delhi. As a giant city, with numerous suburbs, Delhi is jam packed with hotel options. If Delhi is your entry to the Golden Triangle, make sure not to miss any must-see sights! Great Luxury Hotels in Delhi (Expensive $150+/night) The Leela Palace New Delhi One of the most storied hotels in India, the Leela Palace is an excellent choice for a luxurious stay. It’s located in the midst of the Diplomatic Enclave, one of the nicest areas of Delhi. The…

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    A Walk Through Fatehpur Sikri

    Fatehpur Sikri is a must-see on any trip through India’s Golden Triangle. It’s hard to describe – it’s more than a “site” or a “palace” – it’s so giant and has so many facets that it defies easy description. Half of the site is a palace for one of the Mughal emperors. Half of it is one of the largest mosques in India, with one of the highest gates! The whole of it is just breathtaking! It takes the better part of a half a day to get through, and it’s absolutely worth it! The complex is set on a hill, so has amazing views of the area around it.…

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    Awesome India-Inspired Home Decor and Art

    When you love India and want to create a travel-inspired home, it can be hard to find just the right pieces. You want a balance between travel, India and the room without being kitchsy, cheesy or cheap-looking. And while you don’t want it to be cheap-looking, not being terribly expensive is always good! India-Inspired Art & Wall Decor Red Lotus Blossom Print (From $20.99) This gorgeous lotus blossom is made up of mandalas – an Indian art! It evokes the feelings of henna while being gorgeous!

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    India’s Golden Triangle: Places You Must Visit

    India’s Golden Triangle is made through the three points of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, and contains some of the country’s most incredible treasures. This is a common place to visit India for the first time – you’ll find lots of tours that focus on this area. With so much to see in the Golden Triangle, it can be hard to narrow it down. Must-See Places in Delhi Jama Masjid This mosque is one of the biggest in India, and in the world! It can hold up to 25,000 people for worship. There are gorgeous entrance gates, and minarets as well. It’s important to know that women will be required to…

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    9 Things I Wish I Would Have Taken to India

    India is commonly described as a whole different experience, even for seasoned travelers. That’s no lie, and there is a lot of stuff I wish I’d taken! 1. Cold Medicine Yes, India is well known for causing stomach issues. The pollution gave me a wicked bad sinus infection. Be prepared for both, and make sure you take something for cold relief! You can even find the whole first aid kit I took on my round-the-world trip.

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    Foods to Try in India (And Recipes to Recreate at Home!)

    India is its own kind of overwhelming, and if you’re visiting thinking “I don’t really like Indian food,” think again! Indian food is incredibly diverse – a northern Indian curry is very different from south Indian cuisine. There’s something for everyone! If you want to start exploring the differences, The Spruce did an excellent overview of North Indian Cuisine and South Indian Cuisine. One important word to know is “Masala.” You’re used to it from Chicken Tikka Masala, but you’ll see it everywhere in India. Masala simply means “mix” and means that a mix of spices was used. So basically everything is masala in India!

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    What I Wish I Had Known Before I Visited India

    India is a whirlwind. I haven’t been to every country in the world, but I’ve been to enough that I can say it is absolutely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to know how to prepare for a trip to India! Here’s what I wish I had known before I went to India: Be prepared for contrasts India is a land of extremes – extreme wealth, extreme opulence, and extreme poverty. Next to the incredible marble building with gorgeous inlays that is the Taj Mahal, you can see people who are living in extreme poverty.