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Travel First Aid Kit: 6 Clutch Things You Should Have

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to think about is getting injured or ill. But, things happen. So it’s a good idea to take at least the basics – like these 6 things that are the best for a travel first aid kit. If you’re looking for a full round-the-world first aid kit, you can find that as well. Or, I also have specific recommendations for an India first aid kit.

But the thing with these items is that they’re small, easily packable, and can be hard to find when you need them. I didn’t include things like bandaids or Tylenol/Paracetamol. Why? Because those things are easy to find anywhere in the world. Buy them if you need them.

These 6? Can be a little trickier, depending on where you are. Which is why I always carry them!

1. Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel

Put this under the bandaid you easily find when you’re traveling. 🙂 But whatever kind of cut or scrape you get into, silver antimicrobial wound gel is amazing to use. It’s better than Neosporin – why? Because all antimicrobials are also antibacterial. But all antibacterials are NOT antimicrobials. Who knows where you’re going to be traveling? So antimicrobial is a very good call!

The day this picture was taken, I cut my foot on coral in Coron - I was really happy I had silver antimicrobial wound gel in my travel first aid kit

2. New Skin Sprayable Bandage

New Skin is a spray sealant for wounds, with a disinfectant. This is the one thing I always keep in my travel first aid kit. And heck, I even keep a bottle in my car when I’m at home in Florida. It is so useful whenever you get a cut or scrape or blister. No lie, it hurts like CRAZY when you apply it, but it is so much better than something getting infected!

3. Really Good Tweezers

With the added benefit of keeping your eyebrows in good shape abroad, a pair of really good tweezers can come in handy. If you get a splinter in your hand or foot, they’re perfect for getting it out. Or, heaven forbid, a shard of glass or something worse. The number of times these have been absolutely clutch is amazing.

4. Anti-Diarrhea Medicine

You don’t have to be traveling in the developing world to get struck with a case of the runs. And even though this is one that’s easy to find worldwide, you don’t really want to be looking for it when you need it… so pack it. At least a couple of capsules so you can make it easily to the drug store or corner store!

5. Cipro

Yes, you can find Cipro in many places without a prescription. If you know you’re traveling to one of those locations and feel good about it, ignore this suggestion. But otherwise, I’m a big fan of carrying Cipro when I travel – but being very careful to only use it when I absolutely need it. Most people use it for traveler’s diarrhea, but there are a few other times it can be useful. It was a lifesaver for me when it cleared up the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had when I was in Jordan and Sharm-el-Sheikh.

This picture is brought to you by Cipro, which absolutely saved me in Egypt and Jordan


New Skin is incredibly useful, but if you know a blister is coming, moleskin will save your feet. Nothing is worse on a trip than having a blister, so having moleskin in your travel first aid kit can save a lot of pain while walking!

What you don't see is the Moleskin that saved me walking in Kalambaka

What’s your favorite go-to travel first aid kit item?

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6 clutch things to have in your travel first aid kit

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