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    Spreadsheeting: How Much I Spent in London

    I ultimately decided to go to London on a pure basis of flight prices: flights out of Rome were expensive and all had crazy layovers, so I looked elsewhere to leave the continent. And I found an awesome flight from London to Ft Lauderdale, which meant I had a few days to enjoy London! In all, in 2.5 days in London, I spent $384.66. How did that work out?

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    The Final Stop: London

    I flew straight from Rome to London, and I honestly can’t believe that I’m finally at the last stop on my world tour! It’s insane to think that the trip is almost over, and yes, I’m VERY excited to get home! London was never on the initial itinerary – it was another city I’d planned to save for a later trip to properly appreciate it. But alas, as I looked to book flights home from Rome, they were all either super expensive or had horribly long layovers (but not long enough layovers where I could leave the airport…). So I started looking for flights home from any of the major…