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The Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

There are many reasons to travel with a GoPro, and one of the main ones is the number of awesome accessories for them.

With accessories for just about every activity you can think of, which are the best ones for GoPros for travel? Here are just a few you should consider taking along on your next trip.

1. GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick

In my opinion, the GoPro 3-way selfie stick is THE best travel accessory for your GoPro, bar none. If you’re traveling alone, it has a number of angles where you can take a semi-natural seeming picture with you in it – and without the selfie stick in it. If you’re traveling with a partner, it’s a great way to get you both in the shot.

One word of caution – beware the mini tripod in the base. Because it folds up so compactly, the mini tripod sacrifices a lot in terms of stability. I broke my first 3-way in Plovdiv, Bulgaria because I was using the tripod and the whole thing fell over.

Note also that the mount with the three prongs where it attaches to the camera is somewhat fragile.

Even with these things, the GoPro 3-Way is an incredible travel companion!

Amanda Plewes in Croatia, taken with a GoPro on a 3-Way Selfie stick, which is one of the best GoPro accessories for travel

2. GoPro Memory Card Case

I am a big believer in traveling with multiple memory cards – especially with a GoPro as your primary camera. You don’t want to have all of your trip memories on one card and in one place – where they can get lost in one go! I like to have a few memory cards (and tbh, I don’t erase mind. They’re cheap enough that keeping the photos intact on the original memory card is my third-string backup option. Yes, backing up is that important to me!)

With multiple memory cards in play, I highly recommend getting a travel case for them. It keeps them in one spot (though again – one thing to lose), and generally keeps them safe through all the craziness that is travel.

I like the hard case option because I typically travel with a backpack or soft outer bag, so I know that in a hard case they’re going to be safer.

I also travel with an SD card case, and have the MicroSD cards go into the SD cards that invariably come with them. I’ve found this is another layer of protection for my beloved memories! One thing that you can also get is a handy case that holds either SD cards or MicroSD cards (or both!).

3. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

If you’re into board sports, motorbikes, or really anything with a hard, solid, smooth surface, the Suction Cup Mount is a fun way to have the GoPro in one place while you do whatever fun things you’re doing!

You get a chance to be in the pictures or video, and it’s generally really secure. Make sure when you’re mounting it that you get a really firm connection to whatever you’re mounting it to, and you should be good to go.

The GoPro suction cup mount is especially good for tropical locations with lots of things to stick it to!

4. GoPro Head or Chest Mount

For adventures, the GoPro head or chest mount let you remember your vantage point. The thing I don’t love about them is that you’re no longer IN the pictures or video. You’re simply the videographer. This might work for you, but makes it one of my lesser-used mounts.

But, if you’re doing something crazy awesome and you want to remember what it looked and felt like, this is the perfect mount! Especially if you’re traveling with someone else, you both having these can let you get pictures or video of each other.

For snowboarding, skiing, or other activities where your hands are occupied or it’s hard to hold a camera, this is the accessory to get. You can frequently get packages of GoPro accessories that include both a chest and head mount, so you can buy both cheaply, figure out which vantage point you prefer, and then use that.

5. GoPro Dome Mount

The GoPro Dome Mount is a seriously underrated piece of equipment. If you’re going to a tropical location where the water is a big part of your vacation, grab one of these. They run about $50, and it’s how you get those incredible underwater shots you see. It’s also how you get the pictures where it’s half underwater and half above the water.

The dome pushes the water back from the lens of the camera, which is what allows it to then get in focus either fully underwater, or half above and half below.

If you’re headed to the mountains, this isn’t nearly as exciting of a piece of equipment, so feel free to pass.

6. GoPro Underwater Filters

When you’re taking underwater pictures or video with the GoPro, the colors tend to get really wonky really quickly. Adding an underwater filter fixes this! Generally, the underwater filters are sold in packs of a few, because you want different colors for different colors and depths of water.

These are super cheap and make all the difference in your underwater photography. They’re also small, easy to pack and lightweight. So there is no reason not to have them! (For me, the key is always remembering to grab them when I’m about to head into the water!)

Underwater colors are much better when you use a GoPro underwater filter

7. Floating Strap for GoPro

I am a big believer in always having a floating strap on my GoPro. Maybe I just drop too many cameras into the sea. But the floating strap is a lifesaver on many occasions, and keeps the buoyancy of the camera at a really good level.

One thing I did was actually attach my floating strap to my GoPro 3-Way rather than the camera itself. I found that the floating strap actually had the buoyancy to float both the camera and the 3-way together. With that combo, I had an easier time holding it underwater. Your mileage may vary, so check this out in a pool or controlled location before testing the 3-Way, GoPro and Floating Strap in a deep location!

I also have a strong preference for the floating strap compared to the floating holder – the strap going around my wrist makes me less worried about losing the camera than just holding the floating stick.

Always easier to take difficult pictures when you have a floating strap for your GoPro!

8. Dual Battery Charger & Extra Batteries

When you’re traveling, the worst thing is running out of batteries. I typically carry 3 GoPro batteries, and almost always have at least 2 charged. I love the dual battery charger. It seems to do a great job of getting both full overnight! When I traveled, I bought the cheaper off-brand one, which worked great for me (and came with a couple batteries!).

It was a great deal, and I never have had issues with the batteries. In fact, I can never tell whether it was the knockoff or genuine batteries in the camera. Some people swear they can tell the difference, but I haven’t had that experience.

I’ve probably done about 300 – 500 recharge cycles with the battery charger and the batteries and haven’t seen issues.

What are your best GoPro accessories for traveling?

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The 8 Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

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