Great Books Set in Greece

Greece is the heart of ancient mythology and still captures the imagination in modern day. The books set in Greece are as varied as they come – from novels interpreting the ancients to contemporary love stores to modern historical fiction. So, the choices are almost endless.

Here are a few to consider as you’re making your list of books to read in Greece:

Fiction Books Set In Ancient Greece


This book is set in the mythology of ancient Greece, with the war between the Titans and the Olympians having passed. Circe isn’t going to illuminate a lot of what you’re going to see because it’s set on Circe’s island of Aiaia, but it will bring the mythology you’ll see to life. Be prepared to want to have a side trip to Mount Olympus after reading this!

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The End of Sparta

Told from the Spartan perspective at the end of the Kingdom of Sparta, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the mythical-seeming rivalry between the Greeks and the Spartans.

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The Pericles Commission

This mystery novel is set like a modern-day crime novel – only it’s actually set in ancient Greece. Because of the writing style feeling so familiar and “normal,” this book is the perfect blend of a quick, fun read, and one that makes you feel more familiar with Greece itself. Extra great news? If you like this one, it’s the first in a seven-book series!

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Shadows of Athens

Another modern-feeling true crime novel that’s actually set in Ancient Greece, this is another great read for anyone who loves a modern mystery. Action, intrigue, adventure – Shadows of Athens is a quick and fun read, and another perfect pick for a plane novel or a beach read!

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Modern Novels & Beach Reads Set In Greece

These books are set in the modern day (or close to it – at least closer than ancient times!), and are great for scene-setting and dreaming about Greece. Some of the fiction books are heavier than pure beach reads, but all are great books to get excited for your trip to Greece.

The Girls of Summer

This is the story of Rachel, a girl who had an unforgettable (and all-consuming) summer in Greece. It was the stuff of dreams – or was it? This is definitely heavier for a beach read, but it’s a thought-provoking novel about the truth, and some consequences, of the sun-drenched summer fun.

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Before We Were Innocent

In a story with some similar themes as The Girls of Summer, Before We Were Innocent is the story of three best friends, their amazing summer in Greece – and how it came to be that only two came home. But were the friends involved in their best friend’s death? This tells the story of the media circus following that, and the lifelong repercussions of that one summer of fun.

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Greece, Actually

Greece, Actually is a fun summer rom com where what you see (and think you’re going to get) is exactly what you get. If you’re looking for a fun beach read romp set in Greece (complete with Mamma Mia), this is the one! Despite being somewhat predictable, this absolutely hits the spot in the most delightful way.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Big portions of this story are told in Greece, and this quintet of books is a wonderful celebration of friendship, girlhood, and what it means to come into your own. You WILL cry at the end of this book. But if you haven’t read this series – it’s sweet and wonderful and absolutely worth the read.

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Secrets of Santorini

A mother/daughter relationship story, complete with a mystery, and a coming of age novel. All in one! Secrets of Santorini is also a discovery of the island itself, and a wonderful book set in Santorini for a vacation read!

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A House in Corfu

A House in Corfu is set on the island of Corfu, Greece, and tells the story of a house. Through the years, through the islanders, this house stands and is a story unto itself. It’s a different perspective and tells the story of a place, and of what it truly means to belong in, or to, a place.

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Among the Lemon Trees

Set on a small island in Greece, Among the Lemon Trees focuses on Anna, and a hundred years of her family history – and secrets. She arrives on the island as she’s figuring out her marriage – or its dissolution. And as she spends time with her widowed father, she ends up delving into the secrets of her family’s past. A perfect beach read!

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Non-Fiction Books About Greece

From ancient Greece to modern day, the history of Greece in many ways is the history of democracy and the history of humanity. There are thousands of amazing books written about Greek history overall as well as specific facets of Greek history & culture.

The Harvest of War: Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis: The Epic Battles That Saved Democracy

From the movies to pop culture, the history of the epic battles of the 300 standing strong, to the David and Goliath victory on the part of the Greeks – you’ve undoubtedly heard about parts of these battles. But do you know the whole story? Dig into this part of history that’s inspired books and Hollywood.

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Witty History Ancient Greece

You’re going on vacation – you know you’re going to be seeing the ancient sites. You want to be smarter about them, but you’re not willing to go through a dense tome of history and facts. THIS is the history book for you! Told in a fun and relatable way, this is the perfect book to help bring to life all the history you’ll see in Greece without boring you to tears.

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The Shortest History of Greece

Similar to Witty History, this is a great option to get smarter without getting bored. Told quickly, The Shortest History of Greece hits the high points and gives you the context for the stories you’ll hear and tours you’ll take, again, without boring you to tears. This is a perfect plane read for the flight there!

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