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Korcula, Croatia: The Perfect Island Destination

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When you look at visiting Croatia, you’ll see lots about Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Zadar. But flying under the radar is Korcula (pronounce core-chew-luh), an island near Hvar.

Korcula refers to both the island as a whole, and the main town on the island.

Looking out over Korcula

Getting to Korcula

Korcula is a large Adriatic island near Hvar. You can get there with the ferries – there is no bridge connecting Korcula to the mainland. There are car ferries and fast ferries going to the island.

The ferries go to both Korcula (the town) and Vela Luka. Take a close look at where your accommodations are to make sure you go to the correct one. The island can be a bit difficult to get across, especially if the ferry gets in late.

Coming from Split, the ferries go to both Korcula town and Vela Luka (but there is not a ferry that goes to both). Coming from Dubrovnik, the ferries only stop at Korcula town. Most ferries will cost about 120 kuna (roughly $12 US) for one person from either Dubrovnik or Split.

The harbor at Korcula

Where to Stay on Korcula

There aren’t giant hotels or hotel complexes on the island, and the island’s public transit does not run frequently. Given that, if you’re not taking a car with you, it can be a good idea to stay somewhat close to the port in either Korcula town or Vela Luka.

A boat floating in Korcula Harbor

What To Do On Korcula

The island is a perfect getaway when you want to leave the world behind. The owner of the home I stayed at always said “On Korcula, every day is Sunday.” The island is incredibly laid-back, and it’s definitely not the place to go for nightlife.

However, it’s the perfect oasis for sunbathing and slowing down.

Lumbarda, which is connecting to Korcula town by bus, boasts beaches and vineyards. The vineyards make a type of wine called Grk, which is only available there! You can stop for a wine tasting at one of the vineyards, and enjoy looking out at the vines that go straight to the sea.

Wine tasting in Lumbarda, Korcula, Croatia

Lumbarda has the only “sand beach” around. Note that if you’re coming from Florida, the Philippines, or other true sandy beaches, it’s not the same. The beach on Lumbarda has a few feet of sand before heading into the water, and the sand is quite rocky.

In Korcula town, you can explore the old town. It’s frequently called the “mini-Dubrovnik” because it’s one of the few walled towns left. There are public beaches right next to the walls of the town, as well as hidden back. Be careful when you go in the water – sea urchins live there, so watch where you step.

Sunset is a big event, and it’s lovely to stand on the beach or near the harbor and watch the sun dip into the sea.

Sunset on Korcula

Day trips are easily do-able to Mljet and the national parks there. You can also find boat rides and submarines to explore the sea life.

Bring books to read, and plan to relax and enjoy.

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Visiting Korcula, Croatia

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