On Korcula, It’s Always Sunday

When I was in Zagreb deciding where to go next, I was a bit at a crossroads. I was thinking I’d go to Plivitce Lakes National Park (it looks gorgeous!), but the logistics of getting there and back were pretty overwhelming. Then, I realized that because I was there just on the border of August and September, if I waited three days or so, I could get in for significantly less. So I decided I would wait a bit on the Lakes and come back for them.

Spoiler: I never made it back!

As I was looking at places to go next, I thought about Split, but I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s incredibly crowded and overrated. Then I thought about Zadar, but it’s a bit out of the way. I started looking at islands, and Hvar seemed like a bit too much of a party town. I was also thinking that maybe I’d try to go to Mljet national park.

Then, I discovered the island of Korcula. Some call it the “mini-Dubrovnik” and it just looked awesome (and less crowded!). When I was at the hostel front desk, the guy asked me where I was going next, and when I said “Korcula” he blew a kiss and said “Ahhhh… Korcula! Korcula is for relaxing!” He even told me that he has a holiday place along the coast near Split, but was going to trade it next year to go to Korcula. So I felt good about my decision!

However, it was quite a journey to get there! I took a bus to Split (about 5 hours), as that’s where the ferries leave from, and then I had to spend the afternoon in Split until the ferry left. I got on the ferry, and it was about three hours to get to Korcula! So after leaving Zagreb at about 5:30 in the morning, I finally made it to Korcula at about 10pm.

It was so worth it.

Korcula is like something out of a dream. The Old Town goes into the sea, and the waters are so incredibly clear and blue. There are all sorts of docks along the main pier, and you can see locals jumping off of them every morning and going for a swim. The owner of the guest house I stayed at, Ante, would always say “In Korcula, it is always Sunday.”

And that is the perfect description of this paradise. Time slowed to a crawl, and it was the most wonderful interlude in my trip.

I spent most days wandering around, and then laying on the beach reading my book. In the shade (and there was shade to find at the beach!), it was the perfect temperature, and I would sit for literally hours just reading, napping, and enjoying it. It was a place where every day was Sunday.

I enjoyed Korcula so much I kept extending my stay there. From the original 3 nights, I ended up staying 5! I decided that the travel involved in getting to the different national parks just wasn’t worth it when I had such a paradise to relax in. So I simply didn’t go.

One thing I’m really learning on this trip is how to deal with my own FOMO (mom, that means “Fear of Missing Out”). This trip has been so incredible, and there are so many options for things to do, that I could be busy all day every day and still miss so much. So one mantra in my head as I look at different tourist attractions that are quite difficult is “But what if I simple didn’t?”

I’ve decided this isn’t my “I’m about to die” trip – there are future trips to take, and the things I miss now are perfect entries on a list of things to come back to! This perspective is really helping me with managing my energy while traveling so much.

Every morning in Korcula, I woke up, and went to the local bakery – where they had fresh, hot croissants that were the best chocolate croissants I have ever had. The outside was flaky, crisp, buttery and fresh. And the chocolate filling was just delectable. I don’t know what kind of chocolate they used, but it almost tasted like they had a great chocolate truffle melted on the inside. So I’d get my croissants in the morning, and go to the town square to watch the town wake up, the locals swim, and the boats go in and out.

It was such a wonderful time of enjoying life, I’m so glad I took the time to relax in Korcula! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to hide out from the world for just a bit, and hide in paradise. (Unless you really like to swim… In my opinion, the water is quite cold, and there are definitely sea urchins!)

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  • Carli Chapman

    I hope you’re planning to open an Etsy site with all of your amazing photos because I could seriously redecorate my home with the amazing shots you have shared (and I know there are thousands more). I confess, I hadn’t heard of most of the optional places you listed in this post (everyone has heard of Split, right?) and certainly not Korcula but WOW it sounds magical. Adding to my ever-growing list. p.s. so glad you’re home safe!

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