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My Round-The-World Trip: By the Numbers

So many people have questions about this stuff – so here goes: the trip by the numbers! If I’ve left any out you’re curious about, just let me know!

Days: 120

Countries: 15
Canada, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, France, & the United Kingdom

Sorrento, Italy from the harbor

Cost: $13,975.64
See the full details in this post.

Flights: 20

Cost of Flights: $2,872.98
Technically this includes the cost for 22 flights because I bought one round trip ticket I didn’t end up using!

The Sacre-Coeur in Paris, from Parc Buttes-Chamont

Miles Traveled: 33,872

Bouts of Food Poisoning: 1
One of the many things I have Egypt to thank for. Shockingly, this was also at the Hilton. Never got food poisoning from God knows what kind of street food. But the Sharm el Sheikh Hilton? Yep.

Amanda Plewes at the Sharks Bay Hilton in Sharm el Sheikh

Sinus Infections: 1
One of my two souvenirs from India (the other was a marble elephant).

Seas Swum or Sailed: 5
Sulu, Black, Red, Dead, and Adriatic

Amanda Plewes floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan

Photos Taken: 36,321
The actual number was higher, but this is how many currently remain on my hard drive… so this is after deleting a good few thousand.

Gigabytes of Photos: 137
To note, my hard drive is full. Thank goodness for the external one!

Sunset from Mt Tapyas in Coron, Philippines

Pairs of Sunglasses: 3
I’m still very sad I left my Ray Bans on a bus in Myanmar. Then I got a great pair of replacements there… which broke in Egypt. So there I bought a great pair of Ran Beis (not a typo), which made it home with me!

Major Rivers: 7
Rhone, Seine, Thames, Nile, Irrawaddy, Danube, and Tiber

Cities: 59

Amanda Plewes in front of a I Heart Yangon sign in Myanmar

Modes of Transportation: 21
Planes, Ferries, Trains, Subways, Motorbikes, Electric Bikes, Pedal Bikes, Walking, Taxis, Habal Habals, Jeeps, Tuk Tuks, Bicycle Rickshaws, Private Cars, Cruise, Chairlift, Hot Air Balloon, Camel, Ubers, Boats, and Busses

World Wonders: 4
The Taj Mahal, Petra, the Pyramids, and the Colosseum. I made it to all 8 before 30!

The Petra Treasury as seen from the Siq

Hostels Stayed In: 19

Hotels/AirBnBs Stayed In: 26

Items Knocked Off My 30 Before 30: 17
I do need to go back and update the list with all of it!

Pounds Gained: 37
Not a typo. Whoops. #worthit #yolo #iblameeurope #gelato

Rose-shaped gelato in Budapest, Hungary

Books Read: 27
You can see some of the books I read here (others to follow!)

Blog Posts: 125
Thanks for following along!

Stats from a four-month, $14,000 trip to 15 countries around the world.


  • Carli Chapman

    May I please request a blog post or posts on book reviews? I’m always looking for new reads and have added quite a few to my Amazon cart following your first book list blog 🙂

  • Donna Plewes

    OMG…that is an amazing numerical history…I am so glad you did this, as if you had waited, not sure you would have! Perfect trip- mostly anyway, and perfectly blessed as you have returned largely unscathed. My nerves..not so much, but then that is a Mom’s job! I could not be more proud of what you have accomplished, and for 4 months, a pretty amazing budget. You did an amazing job…have amazing memories, and have a Mom who is proud and in awe. Love you

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