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Packing List Updates

By June 14, 2017June 28th, 2017One Comment

Plot twist: I did not succeed in getting all of my luggage and everything I’m taking under 33 pounds. Shocker, I know, after the previous (thought to be comprehensive) list. Apparently I forgot things.

All in, my luggage is about 38ish pounds (different airport scales said slightly different things).

What did I forget? And there are no weights associated – I don’t have Internet while I’m writing this, so alas, it all added up to about 38ish pounds with the stuff from the original packing list!

Sunscreen – Potentially a lifesaver for the whole trip. This one was a big contributor to me going pretty far overweight – I brought two full bottles. Yes, I know I can buy it over there, but for the beach I like doing one layer of suntan lotion followed by a layer of spray. Thus, two bottles.

Bug Spray – How could I have forgotten this one?

Camera Batteries – This was one I forgot to plan for and they’re surprisingly heavy, at least for my digital SLR.

New Camera Lens – Super excited about it, but it’s way heavier than the old one.

50mm Prime Camera Lens – I love my 50mm prime lens, especially for landscapes. So I decided to bring it. If I don’t use it, this is one I might ship home. It’s fairly light, though.

Protein Bars – I bought and brought some protein bars – mainly for flights and other times that it’s harder to get food. I’m picky and not a big fan of airplane food, so realized I’d need a backup.

Prescriptions – My doctor made sure I was well-prepared for any illness that might come my way, but I forgot to plan for these in packing – and they’re not super light.

Portable Backup Charger – Another useful item (and this one charges with solar power!)

First Aid Kit – This was on the last list, but we way overshot the 10oz thing. My mom made sure I am prepared for ANY eventuality and I don’t think we’re too much over the 10oz original plan. But we are over it. I’d say it came in at a bit more than a pound.

Wet wipes and toilet paper – definitely a must in Southeast Asia.

3/4 pound of Skittles – They’re red, white and blue for the Fourth and I didn’t have the heart to trash them. So don’t mind me… I’ll just be the girl on the plane eating her very apparently American Skittles. Tastes like home.

So most of what I went overweight on are consumable items, so it’ll make my bag a decent bit lighter over time.

I have to say, though… 38 pounds for four months around the world is still significantly less than what I usually pack for a weekend away! And, because for flights this will get split into a checked bag and a small carry-on backpack, I’m under the weight limits – 15kg for the checked bag and 7kg for the carry on.

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