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Wanderlust and Travel Gifts for Grads

If you have a grad in your life who loves to travel, it can be hard to find the right travel graduation presents. For grads who are graduating and heading off to travel, or those who simply dream of it, here are options for you to celebrate their wanderlust and graduation!

Travel Graduation Gifts Under $50

  • An Ultralight Nalgene Bottle ($6)

    All of the durability of a normal Nalgene bottle packing a few fewer ounces. I loved packing cords in mine – I knew they wouldn’t get crushed in transit! Even when you’re not traveling, these are perfect for workouts or just around town.
  • Colorful World + Europe Throw Pillow ($14.99)
    This is a fun, cheap, and cute cell phone case! You can order it to fit a number of phones, and it’s available in either a glossy or matte finish!
  • Worldwide Power Strip ($23)

    The beauty of this power adapter is that it plugs into one outlet, but provides two US three-prong outlets AND two USB ports. It’s perfect for times when you need to charge multiple gadgets at once. Even in the US, you can use the North America outlet, and turn one wall outlet into two + 2 USB ports. (Which can be clutch for studying at the library!)
  • Watercolor World Map Tote Bag ($24.99)
    This is super cute, and perfect for a carry-on, a bag to take around campus, a Farmer’s Market trip or a Trader Joe’s run!
  • Colorful World + Europe Throw Pillow (From $24.99)
    This pillow has a world map on one side, and a Europe map on the other, and is super cute and colorful – perfect for a dorm room or first apartment!
  • Watercolor Scratch-Off Map ($30)

    This is a beautiful and fun way to keep track of travels – and a great way to think about what’s next! It’s cute, and great for the walls of a first apartment.
  • Purple World Laptop Sleeve ($40)
    This is a super-cute laptop sleeve, perfect for the high school grad who’s heading off to college, or the college grad heading around the world or to a job. You can never have your laptop be protected enough! If purple watercolor isn’t your thing, check out this super cute watercolor flower wanderlust laptop sleeve.
  • A Globe Decanter ($50)
    Perfect for distilling the wines and spirits bought on your travels, or for dreaming of travel after a long day at the office! Note: this suggestion is for the college grad.

Travel Graduation Gifts $50 – $150

  • Watercolor Flowers World Shower Curtain ($55)
    A shower curtain can be a boring gift – but it’s so practical and will get used! This one is cute, and could be perfect for the suite shower in the dorms, or their first apartment. Let them wake up every day to their feelings of wanderlust!
  • 2TB Hard Drive (USB-powered) ($70)
    Traveling produces a whole lot of gigabytes of photos and videos – keep them all, and keep them backed up with an external hard drive. This is especially useful if you’re traveling in areas that don’t have great internet connections for cloud backups. If you’re feeling extra generous, grab a case for it too! Even if your grad is staying home, you can never be too careful on making backups.
  • TravelPro Rolling Suitcase ($95)
    TravelPro makes an awesome carry-on suitcase – you see a ton of flight attendants with them, and for good reason! Luggage is essential, and if your grad is heading off to a job that requires travel, this is a great, professional suitcase.
  • Kindle Paperwhite ($119)
    I love my Kindle – it’s amazing, you can get library books, and it’s so lightweight. The light behind it is also awesome! This is perfect for a traveling grad, but really – it’s perfect for any grad! (and pro tip: have them check out the library where they live – many libraries offer free Kindle book rentals!)
  • Longchamp Large Le Pilage Tote ($125)
    This bag is absolutely ubiquitous on college campuses, in airports, and in offices – for good reason! It’s big, incredible sturdy, light, easy to pack and an all-around awesome bag!

Travel Graduation Gifts Over $150

  • Osprey Farpoint Series Backpack ($175)
    The Osprey Farpoint series backpack is perfectly engineered for “backpacking” in the “I’m taking transit between locations and not hiking a trail” kind of backpacking. A zip-off daypack makes this especially useful! Even if your grad isn’t hitting the road, this is a perfect backpack for weekends with friends or heading home.
  • GoPro Camera ($200)
    GoPros are incredibly fun for filming travel adventures, fun nights in college, or just about anything!

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Wanderlust and travel gifts for graduates

Travel gifts for 2018 graduates

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