Awesome India-Inspired Home Decor and Art

When you love India and want to create a travel-inspired home, it can be hard to find just the right pieces. You want a balance between travel, India and the room without being kitchsy, cheesy or cheap-looking. And while you don’t want it to be cheap-looking, not being terribly expensive is always good!

India-Inspired Art & Wall Decor

Red Lotus Blossom Print (From $20.99)

Red Lotus Blossom Print

This gorgeous lotus blossom is made up of mandalas – an Indian art! It evokes the feelings of henna while being gorgeous!

Taj Mahal Watercolor Print (From $15.99)

Watercolor print of painting of Taj Mahal

This watercolor print of the Taj Mahal is subtle but gorgeous. If you’re looking to create a soft room with a neutral color palette, this is an awesome choice! You can include a love of travel and India while keeping it somewhat neutral.

I Do Believe It’s Time for Another Adventure Taj Mahal Poster (From $10)

I do believe it's time for another adventure Taj Mahal Poster

If you want a poster at your desk or on your wall that reminds you adventure is always out there, this Taj Mahal poster does that! With the Taj Mahal featured at the bottom, it keeps India integrated!

Agra Vintage Travel Poster Print (From $19.99)

Vintage-inspired Agra travel poster

If you’re trying to have a millennial pink color scheme, or any type of subtle pink/tan/white color scheme, this vintage-inspired Agra travel poster featuring the Taj Mahal is an awesome choice!

Mandala Peacock (From $18.99)

Peacock Mandala Art Print

This gorgeous print of a peacock is a fun reminder of India in many ways. The colors are bright, which is reminiscent of everything in India! It incorporates mandalas, and peacocks – this one can be especially fun if you’re remembering seeing wild peacocks on your own trip to India.

India-Inspired Home Decor

Mandala-Inspired Pillow Cover for 32″ Floor Cushion ($12.99)

This cute India-style floor cushion cover is a great option for a kid’s room! This gives them something cute AND comfy to sit on.

Fuschia and Purple Printed Tablecloth ($42)

This tablecloth uses a Mumtaz print and is the perfect accent if you’re trying to build an India-inspired kitchen.

Colorful Mandala Duvet Cover ($105.74)

This colorful and fun mandala-inspired duvet cover is a great choice if you want your room to be playful! It also evokes India without screaming “India Travel.”

Colorful Brass Peacock Statue ($20.49)

This brass peacock statue is a great accent to style a bookshelf or complete the look of a table or desk.

15″ Marble Round End Table Top ($394)

If you want something truly gorgeous, consider this round marble end table top. It’s been inlaid with semi-precious gems, and evokes the feeling of the gorgeous marble inlays at the Taj Mahal and other Indian palaces.

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