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11 Reasons Why India Is Awesome

By February 5, 2018May 9th, 2018One Comment
  1. You will be challenged unlike any other country in the world. India is a world unto itself, and I can’t say enough about how India is a whirlwind even for experienced travelers!
  2. Amanda Plewes at the Taj Mahal

  3. Their palaces put many of Europe’s to shame. When you walk through the palaces in India, it’s stunning. The marble inlays, and the intricacies of the architecture are awe-inspiring.

  4. Amanda Plewes at the mosque at the Taj Mahal

  5. The food is truly awesome. I went to India thinking I didn’t like Indian food. I spent a lot of years rejecting it. But when in Rome… I tried Indian food. And loved it! Supposedly, every other cuisine is about complimentary flavors while Indian food is about contrasts. Indian food is also heavily regional. Food in the north is nothing like food in the south. It’s all awesome!
  6. Fort outside Jaipur

  7. Riding a rickshaw through the streets will make your adrenaline rush.
  8. Amanda Plewes in a cycle rickshaw in Jaipur

  9. The forts look like something out of Game of Thrones. Seriously, I’m surprised that they didn’t film in India. The forts are giant, architecturally interesting, and seem like they’d be perfect filming locations.
  10. Amanda Plewes at a fort in Jaipur

  11. Just observing traffic is fun. Especially in Delhi, it’s shocking how anyone gets anywhere without a massive crash. It seems like every drive is a game of chicken, with tuk-tuks and rickshaws, cars, and busses all vying for space. The fact that it works is just amazing and fun to watch!
  12. The town hall in Jaipur, India

  13. The smell of India is totally unique. Some people hate it, but no matter what, it’s not something you’ve ever smelled before. Walking down the street lets you smell all kinds of spices, incense, and who knows what else. It’s an experience in and of itself!
  14. Similar to traffic observations, crossing the street is an experience. It’s like playing Frogger with your life, but with no lanes. I wish you luck.
  15. Amanda Plewes looking at the traffic in the streets of Jaipur

  16. The clothes and crafts are fun to see. Yes, many “workshops” are just tourist spots. But they do show how things would get made – I enjoyed seeing the marble inlay workshops. It’s very intricate work, and it gives you such an appreciation for what it must have taken to build the Taj Mahal and Baby Taj and so many others!
  17. Amanda Plewes in Agra Fort

  18. India’s city patterns are so different. It’s hard to explain this, but European cities, and most North American ones are built with a downtown that turns into suburbs. India’s cities are all sprawl. It doesn’t feel like anything else in the world.
  19. Amanda Plewes at a giant mosque in Delhi

  20. You will learn so much – about yourself, India, and the world. You will never be the same, in such a good way.

If you’re interested in visiting India, feel free to check out this guide to visiting the Taj Mahal and a recap of how much I spent in India.

11 reasons why India is awesome

One Comment

  • Rob says:

    I was happy to see your pictures of India. It was just yesterday it seems we were in the conference room at work listening to you talk about your future adventures. Its nice to see that all come to fruition for you!!

    Safe travels my friend!

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