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18 Travel Resolutions for 2018

By December 18, 2017May 9th, 2018No Comments

2018 is almost here, so it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions! If “travel more” is on your list, here are some to add:

  1. Travel Somewhere Alone
    If you’ve never done, you’ve never known how freeing it is to travel without anyone else! You can do everything on your own schedule, and only what YOU want to do. And if you’re worried about being alone, try staying in a hostel (even in a single room) so you can meet people!
  2. Go Someplace You Normally Wouldn’t
    There are the countries and places practically everyone wants to visit (France, Italy, New York City, etc), but step out of your comfort zone to go somewhere you wouldn’t typically go. Maybe Eastern Europe, or even a smaller town in the USA!
  3. Stay in an Unusual Accommodation
    Thanks to AirBnB, the options are endless. But an unusual accommodation isn’t all about staying in an igloo or a treehouse – try an accommodation that’s unusual for you. Maybe a hostel if you’ve only ever stayed in hotel. Or maybe try your hand a four-star luxury if you’ve never done it!
  4. Learn a New Skill on Vacation
    Be it cooking, surfing, SCUBA diving, kiteboarding, truffle hunting, and everything in between,
    being in a new place is a huge opportunity to learn something new!
  5. Practice Your Photography Skills While You’re At Home
    Everyone loves great travel photos, right? While you’re still at home, try looking at your city like you would if you were a visitor, and work on your travel photography skills without even leaving!
  6. Give Something Up for a Month to Save for Travel
    This one’s up to you, but think about your vices that keep you from saving for traveling, and think about giving it up for just one month. Maybe it’s the daily latte, or alcohol, or weekly trips to the mall – whatever it is, give it up and spend that time imagining the adventures you’ll have.
  7. Find a Documentary About a Country You Love
    Whether it’s a country you love because you’ve been there, or a country you’d love to go to,
    expand your horizons and find a fun documentary about it! Netflix can be great for this!
  8. Spend More Time in the Great Outdoors
    They say that being in the outdoors is great for our minds and our bodies. Spend more time outside! Be it on a trek, in a national park, or even in your local park, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
  9. Visit a National Park or a State Park
    National Parks our amazing treasures in the US, and you probably live closer to one than you might think! Or, go to a state park. These are awesome opportunities to be a tourist in the US,
    and get that outdoors time in!
  10. Go Somewhere Touristy in Your State
    Every state has those cliched and touristy things to do. If you’ve lived there for any length of time, you probably haven’t done them. Make time for it! If Historic Route 66 is in your backyard, go drive a stretch of it. Find out what tourists do when they come, and have fun trying it.
  11. Try a New Mode of Transportation
    A tuk-tuk, a hot air balloon, a ferry, a subway, a bus, or even a motorbike – try a new way to get from here to there this year.
  12. Befriend an International Student
    Check with your local college or university – many of them have programs to connect locals with the foreign students, especially for holidays like Thanksgiving.
  13. Start Learning a Foreign Language
    Download Duolingo, or finally buy (and use) Rosetta Stone. Whichever language you choose, a visit to a new country can be so much richer if you speak the language.
  14. Think of Something Special from Your Home That You Could Pass On
    This was one of those crazy and awesome traditions I encountered on my big trip – some people find something that is emblematic of their hometown or country, and bring it with them to find someone to pass it on to. One couple I met received a New Zealand flag – because another couple always took one with them on their travels to pass to the coolest people they met!
  15. Learn to Cook a Foreign Dish
    One of the best parts of travel is the food. Learn to master Indian curry, tzatziki sauce, Thai curry, French macaroons, or Italian homemade pasta!
  16. Discover a Museum Near You
    I love visiting museums when I travel, but I’m terrible at going to the ones in my backyard. There are amazing works of art, history, and science all around us!
  17. Read a Book Set in a Country You Want to Visit
    While you’re dreaming about your next trip, start immersing yourself in the culture by reading a book with that country as a setting. You’ll get a deeper feel for it, and you’ll have cool things to notice when you get there!
  18. Make Your Travel Bucket List
    You might have an idea of things you want to do and places to see, but have you written them out? Maybe 2018 is the time for you to make the bucket list official by putting it in writing – and then getting to work on it!

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