Spreadsheeting: How Much I Spent in Croatia

As per the usual in Europe, Croatia wasn’t on the original plan. So as with everything replacing Nepal, I’d hoped that (maybe) it could come around $50/day. As I researched it more, I realized that wasn’t going to be realistic, so moved my hopes to around $65/day. Online, you find lots of blog posts all talking about what a budget destination Croatia is. That might have been true once upon a time (maybe before Game of Thrones), but it’s not any more. Croatia was every bit as expensive as anywhere else in Europe. You could easily spend the same amount there as in Milan, Rome, or Provence (for example).

In all, in 13 days in Croatia, I spent $845.35.

How did that work out?

Airfare: $0
I took a bus in from Budapest. I honestly have only a few flights left in the trip – most of the rest of the transport will be trains or busses!

Visa: $0.00
Croatia has a free visa on arrival for US citizens.

Accommodations: $497.97
My accommodation was slightly more expensive than it could have been because Croatia was basically the tipping point in my trip where I’ve decided I’m done with hostels. I’m sick of being woken up, or hearing people snore, or all the other crap you have to put up with! (Have I mentioned I realized I’m old?) So I started staying in AirBnBs so that I could be by myself! It meant I met fewer people, but I’m find with the trade off. I’m much happier with a good night’s sleep under me!

Activities: $37.78
I didn’t do a lot of “activities” in Croatia. I went to the Technical Museum in Zagreb, I enjoyed the walls and gardens in Dubrovnik, and other than that, I spent a lot of time enjoying relaxing and beaches!

Transportation: $119.77
This includes the bus from Budapest, the bus to Split, the ferry from Split to Korcula and then Korcula to Dubrovnik, and assorted local busses.

Food: $188.42
I bought a lot of groceries in Croatia and made a lot of my own food – this was the benefit to having gone the AirBnB route!

Ultimately, it came out to an average of about $64.47 per day. I will say, that’s a VERY budget trip to Croatia. If you’re wanting to go and do the national parks, or boat rides, or anything more than lazing on beaches taking pictures and reading books, I’d budget a bit more! But for me, the break was exactly what I needed – it was so wonderful to take in the sights and move a bit slower.

Costs for 13 Days Vacationing in Croatia

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  • October 18, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Love these pics…and love the description of your’s and Holly’s adventures!


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