Budapest’s Amazing Parliament Building

While I was in Budapest, I became obsessed with their Parliament building. It’s absolutely amazing.

First, it’s giant. It’s so hard to describe how big it is, and maybe it’s a trick of the imagination, but it seems MUCH bigger than the US Capitol building (nobody tell our current president that or we might find ourselves with an expansion project).

It’s built in the Gothic style, so it’s almost like a cathedral, except it’s not nearly as compact. Both wings extend out quite far, and the building is right on the Danube. It’s incredible to look at from any angle (and trust me – I looked from many angles!).

Across the river is Buda Castle, and the view from there… stunning.

Right next to the Parliament, there are tons of parks surrounding it. The views from there? Stunning.

The parks were amazing because you could see tons of people just out and enjoying the benches, flowers, and sun.

As with everything in Europe, statues abound. Lots of statues everywhere.

The one I was most perplexed by was of our dear friend Ronald Reagan. Why on earth is there a Ronald Reagan statue in Budapest?

I honestly had to Google it. Apparently the Hungarian people wanted to honor him for his part in ending the Cold War, and Russian influence in Hungary. But the statue itself actually has some interesting elements.

Reagan is facing the US Embassy (ok, seems normal), but is actually looking at the monument to the Red Army (feels like he’s throwing some shade their way).

I was definitely not the only American there taking pictures with it. It’s so funny that this is now the second Presidential statue I’ve come across in Europe – first in Athens, then in Budapest!

On my way back to the hostel from the Parliament, I found my favorite gelato place yet. It makes gelato cones in the shape of roses. I kid you not. Roses.

If Tampa gets a rose gelato place next year, you’ll know I’ve found my new calling. Besides being gorgeous, the gelato was amazing. The flavors were unique – I had a lemon basil one, and a strawberry elderflower, among others. And a side note – the things Europeans can do with elderflower syrup. Seriously. It’s so tasty.

3 thoughts on “Budapest’s Amazing Parliament Building

  • October 5, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    FYI you can get elderberry syrup on Amazon shipped direct to your door 🙂 You’ll have to make yourself some gelato when you get home!

    • October 6, 2017 at 11:59 am

      You just changed my life. And helped my mom not be required to plant an elderberry bush.

  • October 11, 2017 at 11:36 am

    I had rose shaped gelato in Paris earlier this week. I am also obsessed!


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