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Spreadsheeting: How Much I Spent in Romania

Romania was another country that was definitely not on the original plan, so I didn’t initially budget for it. It was on the list of countries that I was using to replace the three weeks of trekking I’d planning in Nepal, so I was hoping it would be less than $50/day (which was what I’d originally earmarked for Nepal).

In all, in 6 days in Romania, I spent $270.93.

How did that work out?

Airfare: $0
I took a bus in from Bulgaria! (That’s in transportation costs)

Visa: $0.00
Romania has a free visa on arrival for US citizens. God bless Europe!

Accommodations: $83.74
Accommodations were actually more expensive in Romania than in Bulgaria, but some of this is masked by the fact that the last night in Romania was spent on the train to Hungary (which will be in the Hungary budget). I stayed in slightly nicer hostels here, trying to focus on being places that would be a smidge nicer as well as places that would be centrally-located.

Activities: $23.92
This was all castle admission tickets for Peles, Bran and Rasnov.

Transportation: $76.74
This includes the bus from Bulgaria, and the, erm, “fee” I was assessed on the tram in Bucharest (that I am still SUPER resentful over!).

Food: $73.44
I ate ALL the bread. The bread in Romania is amazing. All of it. They have so many pastries and different types of breads with different types of fillings and they’re all incredible.

Miscellaneous: $8.87
I never brought a real notebook on this trip, and decided I wanted to write some things down!

Ultimately, it came out to an average of about $45.16 per day. I was happy with this six days being quite an even trade with what I’d planned for Nepal (and was glad I planned Nepal at the higher end of Nepal’s expected costs!).

Romania had a ton of natural beauty, and the castles were absolutely incredible to see. However, I was not sad to leave!

How I visited Romania (Bucharest and Transylvania) and spent under $50 per day

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