Halfway Somewhere, Partway There

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started – when you’re looking at how far the finish is, or the next thing is, it’s hard to get started. Wherever we’re going, whatever race we’re running, we’re partway there – and halfway somewhere.

And to get partway there, you have to start somewhere.

This blog is here to celebrate the in-betweens, the detours, and the partway-theres. Because getting there is half the fun!


  • Patsy Wylie

    Have no idea if this will be posted.
    Amanda, I cannot believe all of your adventures and how brave you are with all of the unknowns. Do believe I would have had to have numerous glasses of wine. You have glorious pictures and I have no idea how you will select ones to copy and frame. Hugs to you and will keep this short in case I am not doing something correct–

  • Patsy Wylie

    After reading your arrival in India, I was most nervous for you. Cannot believe you kept your cool and what a nice man that helped you. Look forward to your posting Egypt!

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