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What to Pack for a Nile Cruise

By July 24, 2018No Comments

Once you’ve figured out what to wear, figuring out what to pack for a Nile cruise is the next step.

Clothes to Pack for a Nile Cruise

When you’re thinking about what to pack for a Nile cruise, the list of clothes feels extensive. Make sure to include the following when you’re getting ready to go.

Focus on clothes in fabrics that breathe well and dry quickly. Consider packing things other than cotton – cotton is breathable, but it doesn’t dry especially quickly. Linen or athletic fabrics will serve you better in the heat of Egypt.

A Good Maxi Dress or Skirt

You’ll want your legs covered, but it’s hot. A Maxi dress or skirt is the perfect way to stay covered and cool. A plain maxi will show up beautifully in pictures, especially if you get one that covers your shoulders.

A Pool Cover-Up

This convertible skirt from Ex-Officio is an awesome choice for a travel piece. It’s a perfect long skirt for when you’re off the cruise boat, and a perfect cover-up for heading up to the pool.

Linen Flow-y Pants

A great pair of flowy linen pants will serve you well in the heat of Egypt. They breathe, and have the added benefit of looking awesome in pictures.

A Fun Swimsuit

If you’re taking a Nile cruise anytime other than winter, you’ll want to hang out at the pool on the boat to cool off. Make sure not to forget a fun swimsuit for the pool!

Sturdy Flip-Flops

From hanging out around the boat, to sightseeing, a great pair of sturdy flip-flops are a must. Get some that you can wash off – if you wear them sightseeing, they will come back covered in sand and dust (as will your feet!). Olu Kai makes a great flip-flop, and as an added bonus, they have arch support.

A Breath-able Long-Sleeve Shirt

For both sun cover and covering your arms, when you’re packing for a Nile cruise, you’ll want to pack a wicking long-sleeve shirt. The Columbia Tamiami fishing shirt looks cute, breathes well, and is super lightweight. It also doesn’t wrinkle terribly.

Accessories to Pack for a Nile Cruise

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf

This is an incredibly versatile scarf – it works as a scarf (duh), a blanket on the plane, can snap into a vest, and so much more. It’s made out of a wicking fabric, so it keeps you both warm and dry.

Good Sunglasses

You MUST have sunglasses with you in Egypt. You can easily find them to buy, quite cheaply, outside of temples and other sites. So if you forget, it’s no problem. But you’ll want to have them! If you pick a good pair for the trip, the Ray-Ban Foldable Wayfarers have a cute little case they fold up into, and they’re easy to stick into a bag.

A Packable Sunhat

When you’re out touring, you’ll be largely exposed to the sun. Given the desert conditions, there isn’t a lot of shade in any of the temples. Taking a packable sunhat can keep you far more comfortable in the sun and heat.

A Power Adapter with USB Ports

When you’re packing for a Nile cruise, you’ll want to make sure to have a power adapter so your devices can charge abroad. Picking one like the Poweradd charger lets you have two three-prong outlets AND two USB ports, so you can easily charge everything you need. Don’t expect to have more than two power outlets in your cabin (one in the room and one in the bathroom).

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