The Colosseum: The 8 Wonders of the World (Part 4)

The Colosseum is one of the easiest of the 8 Wonders of the World to get to. Just because it’s easier than the others doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing! Located in the heart of Rome, the Colosseum is a monument to the Roman Empire’s architectural skill – and, at some level, their brutality.

The colosseum in Rome, Italy

General Info About the Colosseum

Location: Rome, Italy
Nearest Major Airport: Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino International Airport (FCO)
Overall Difficulty to Visit (ranked among wonders, 1 is the most difficult, 8 is the least difficult): 8
Why That Difficulty Rating? Rome is a major city, with lots of public transportation (incredibly crowded transportation, but it’s there!). That makes it easy to get around – especially from the airport to the Colosseum. FCO is a fairly major European airport, so that also allows you to find cheap, easy, and convenient flights. The Colosseum is one of the few wonders that’s reasonably easy to do in a long weekend from the US. Read more

Where to Stay in Jaipur, India

Jaipur is India’s Pink City, and is the third city in the “Golden Triangle.” It’s a must-see city for anyone heading to India, and worth at least a few days of visiting.

Jaipur is somewhat spread out, so deciding where to stay can be challenging. The best plan is to map out the points you want to visit and find a hotel in a good place in relation to those.

Luxury Hotels in Jaipur, India ($150+/night)

The Rambagh Palace Hotel (From $400/night)

This is the hotel to stay at in Jaipur. If you’re going to splurge, do it here! The location is fantastic and close to everything in the city, but the hotel itself feels about a million miles away from reality. It’s a true royal experience, especially given that the hotel is set in an old palace.

The Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur Hotel (From $350/night)

Especially in India, but throughout the world, the Oberoi group sets the standard for luxury hotels, and with good reason. The Oberoi Rajvilas is perfectly maintained, with an exceptional staff and an all-around perfect experience. The one drawback is that it’s set fairly far from the heart of Jaipur – if you’re looking for a getaway, this is perfect. If you’re wanting to do some intense sightseeing, it might be worth considering something more centrally located. The Oberoi does offer a car service for any sightseeing you want to do, but know that it’s fairly expensive!

SUJAN Rajmahal Palace – Relais & Chateaux (From about $340/night)

Gorgeous in every way, this Relais & Chateaux property will make you imagine you’re in another world. It’s centrally located, yet a respite from the busy city. The staff is attentive beyond your wildest dreams. For an absolutely perfect stay, this is a great option!

Mid-Range Hotels in Jaipur, India ($50 – $150/night)

Fairmont Jaipur Hotel ($85 – $140/night)

The Fairmont is large, gorgeous, and everything you’d want for a relaxing stay! If you’re looking to unwind and get away from some of the crowds, this is an excellent choice. It’s a bit of a ways outside the main city, so getting to and from attractions is a bit more difficult (but the hotel will help you find a driver if needed). But set in the hills, this hotel is quiet and the pool is just perfect! This is a five star hotel in every way, and the number of deals you can find on it make it an incredible value.

Fortune Select Metropolitan ($50 – $85/night)

The Fortune Select Metropolitan hotel is located within the main part of the city, and near some of the newer attractions (including McDonalds if you’re looking for a taste of beef-free McDonalds) and has a shopping mall attached. You’ll have to take a rickshaw for places like the City Palace, but this is a conveniently located hotel and a great value.

The Shiv Villas Resort ($100 – $140/night)

If you want to live like royalty in India, this renovated palace is a great option! It’s outside the main city of Jaipur but near Amer Fort, so the location is reasonably good. If you’re wanting to hit the highlights of Jaipur – Amer Fort, City Palace, etc, this is a great base. And then, you get to come home at night to a palace! It’s far more reasonably priced than some of the others like the Rambagh, so it’s a good option for living like royalty on a budget.

Budget Hotels in Jaipur, India (Under $50/night)

Shahpura House ($25 – $50/night)

This gorgeous boutique hotel is set away from the main tourist areas, so you’re not going to be walking many places. Jaipur in general is somewhat spread out, so it’s unlikely you’ll find a perfectly walkable place. The Shahpura House is a boutique hotel with a pool, attentive staff, and is very clean! In terms of value for the money, this is hard to beat!

Radisson Blu Jaipur ($40 – $50/night)

If you’re looking for the creature comforts of a familiar Western hotel brand, this is a good option! It’s a bit far from the main tourist spots, but it’s incredibly close to the airport. If you’re flying in late or out early, this is a perfect option to sleep, see Jaipur, and have convenience to the airport.

Umaid Mahal ($40 – $50/night)

The Umaid Mahal is a renovated castle and is run by a former royal family. This is an incredibly perfect quintessential “India” experience, with great service! There’s a small pool, which is great for a refreshing dip in the heat of the summer. The hotel is not walkable to the main tourist attractions, but it is an easy rickshaw ride away.

Great Hostels in Jaipur, India (Under $20/night)

Zostel Jaipur Hostel (Privates from $20, Dorms $8)

In India in general, it’s hard to go wrong with Zostel Hostels. They’re reasonably clean, well-located, and just good hostels. In Jaipur, they have a wonderful rooftop deck, and the location is within the pink city. It’s walking distance to the City Palace, and convenient to a number of other places to see.

Wanderer’s Nest (From $12)

Wanderer’s Nest is a good hostel option. It’s a bit far from the old city, but makes up for that in the atmosphere. There are lockers for your belongings, and the rooms have private bathrooms.

That’s a wrap on places to stay in Jaipur. If you’re doing a full Golden Triangle tour, you can also check out places to stay in Delhi and places to stay in Agra.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may get a portion of the proceeds if you book any of these hotels or hostels. This helps with the costs to keep the site running, and does not impact which hotels/hostels are selected, and it does not change the price you ultimately pay. Thanks!

Where to stay in Jaipur, India, when you're visiting the Golden Triangle

Where to Stay in Agra, India

If you’re in Agra, you’re likely there for the Taj Mahal. Luckily, most hotels in Agra are clustered right around the Taj itself. There is a lot to do in Agra that’s not just the Taj Mahal, so consider staying at least a night or two to really absorb the city. It’s also a fairly cheap city for hotels – there’s only one hotel that’s going to be incredibly expensive, and all the others are quite reasonable.

Luxury Hotels in Agra, India (Expensive: $150+/night)

The Oberoi Amarvilas ($350+/night)

This is the kind of hotel dreams are made of. Every room has a view of the Taj Mahal, and it’s played host to royalty on numerous occasions. It’s one of the closest hotels to the Taj, and they’ve got golf carts/buggies that will take you over. The pool is something out of an otherworld movie, and if there’s ever a time to splurge on a hotel – it’s this one!

Mid-Range Hotels in Agra, India ($50 – $150/night)

ITC Mughal Agra ($50 – $100/night)

The ITC Mughal is a great choice for a reasonable stay in Agra. It’s fairly cheap (and the interiors are fairly dated), but it’s a few kilometers from the Taj Mahal, and has gorgeous gardens with a beautiful pool. This is especially wonderful when you’re there in the middle of the summer! ITC Hotels are known for being luxurious with good service, so you’ll be in good hands.

Hotel Radisson Blu Taj East Gate ($50 – $100/night)

The rooftop pool with a view of the Taj Mahal is a huge selling point for this hotel! The Radisson Blu is about a kilometer from the Taj Mahal. It’s a bit far from the Baby Taj, but it’s easy enough to find a tour guide to take you there. The hotel rooms are updated and the creature comforts are all here.

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Agra ($50 – $100/night)

If you’re an American or Canadian looking for a good, familiar hotel in Agra, the Doubletree is a good choice. You still get cookies at checkin! The rooms are spacious, well-appointed, and the hotel is a very good choice for consistency of quality. It’s a little farther from the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort than some of the others on this list, but it could make up for that by being a bit closer to the airport. If you’re flying in and out of Agra, this is an excellent choice!

Great Budget Hotels in Agra (Under $50/night)

Hotel Taj Resorts ($25 – $50/night)

This is a good choice for a budget hotel – the rooms are a bit smaller than those at the Doubletree or Radisson Blu, but it’s much cheaper. It still has a rooftop pool, and it’s close to the East Gate of the Taj Mahal. It’s much closer to the Taj Mahal than the Doubletree. If you’re looking to do some hardcore sightseeing in Agra and just want a reasonable place to sleep, this is a very good choice.

Hotel Parador Agra ($20 – $45/night)

This is a small hotel, so you’ll feel the full attention of the staff – with only 17 rooms, they have time to look after each and every guest. The rooms are small but clean, and a few of the “luxury” options have private balconies. It’s a little farther out from the main hotel area, but it’s still easy to get to all the sites around Agra.

Great Hostels in Agra (Shoestring Budget: Under $20/night)

GoStops Hostel Agra (Privates about $20/night; Dorms from $5/night)

GoStops has an awesome location, with good staff and a great opportunity to meet other travelers. As a hostel, it’s awesome! It has everything you’d expect from a good hostel, with tour options and lots to do.

Zostel Agra Hostel (Privates from $20/night; Dorms from $5/night)

Zostel is another good hostel option in Agra. It was built in 2010, so it’s a bit newer, and it’s about a 20 minute walk from the Taj Mahal. It’s a social hostel, with lots of opportunities to meet people to travel with and sightsee with!

If you’re visiting the Taj Mahal, don’t forget to check out these tips for visiting and getting the best Taj Mahal pictures.

This post contains affiliate links – this means that Partway There may receive a portion of the proceeds if you click a link and book a hotel. This does not change the price you pay, nor does it impact which hotels are chosen.

Where to stay in Agra, India when you're visiting the Taj Mahal

Wanderlust and Travel Gifts for Grads

If you have a grad in your life who loves to travel, it can be hard to find the right travel graduation presents. For grads who are graduating and heading off to travel, or those who simply dream of it, here are options for you to celebrate their wanderlust and graduation!

Travel Graduation Gifts Under $50

  • An Ultralight Nalgene Bottle ($6)

    All of the durability of a normal Nalgene bottle packing a few fewer ounces. I loved packing cords in mine – I knew they wouldn’t get crushed in transit! Even when you’re not traveling, these are perfect for workouts or just around town.
  • Colorful World + Europe Throw Pillow ($14.99)
    This is a fun, cheap, and cute cell phone case! You can order it to fit a number of phones, and it’s available in either a glossy or matte finish!
  • Read more

India First Aid Kit: What You Should Pack

A good India first aid kit can be a trip-saver if something happens – even as small as a cut, scrape, or runny nose. Yes, you can buy just about anything in India that you can at home – but you might not want to right when you need it!

My mom, who is a hospital administrator and an RN, helped me pack my round the world first aid kit. If you’re just heading to India, you won’t need quite as much!

Read more

Awesome Hotels in Delhi, India

When you’re visiting Delhi, it can be hard to pick the right hotel. If you’re going to visit the Taj Mahal, it’s likely that you’ll fly in and out of Delhi. As a giant city, with numerous suburbs, Delhi is jam packed with hotel options.

If Delhi is your entry to the Golden Triangle, make sure not to miss any must-see sights!

Great Luxury Hotels in Delhi (Expensive $150+/night)

The Leela Palace New Delhi

One of the most storied hotels in India, the Leela Palace is an excellent choice for a luxurious stay. It’s located in the midst of the Diplomatic Enclave, one of the nicest areas of Delhi. The facilities, the location, and the restaurants all make this one of the best hotels in Delhi.

The Oberoi New Delhi

If you want absolute opulence in India, look no further than The Oberoi hotel group. Incomparable luxury, gorgeous facilities, and accommodating staff keep the Oberoi name strong. You can’t go wrong picking an Oberoi hotel in India!

Great Mid-Range Hotels in Delhi (Mid-Range Prices $50 – $150/night)

Roseate House New Delhi

If you’re looking for a great hotel right next to the airport, Roseate House is a good option. It’s reasonably priced and has a gorgeous pool, which is especially nice if you’re there in the summer! Given the chaos of Delhi’s traffic, proximity to the airport is huge if you’re going to get in late or leave at an odd hour.

The Lalit New Delhi ($80 – $130/night)

The Lalit is in easy walking distance to Connaught Place, which has some of the best shopping and eating in Delhi! It’s also centrally located near the India Gate, the Red Fort and more. If you’re in the mood to do some serious Delhi sightseeing, this is a good place to stay. It’s also quite close to the rail station, so if you’re taking a train to Agra or anywhere else, it’s an easy hop over there.

The Claridge’s New Delhi

If you’re looking for a soothing hotel amid some of the chaos of New Delhi, the Claridge’s is a small hotel that offers a respite from the city. It’s well-located to visit the India Gate and Humayun’s Tomb, as well as other New Delhi landmarks. It’s not super close to the rail station or the airport, but the staff can arrange transport to either.

Great Budget Hotels in Delhi (Budget – Under $50/night)

BloomRooms @ New Delhi Rail Station

BloomRooms is a good option if you’re on a budget and wanting to catch a train to Agra – it’s across the street from the rail station, and the early/fast train to Agra leaves at 6:30am. If you’re in Delhi to head to Agra, this is a good option. It’s also close to the metro station, and it’s in the middle of things so sightseeing is relatively easy!

Hotel Hari Piorko

Close to both the train station and Connaught Place, Hotel Hari Piorko is a good option if you’re on a budget and looking for a place to stay. You won’t find the nicest accommodations, but they are more than adequate, the staff is friendly, and it’s hard to beat the price!

Great Hostels in Delhi (Shoestring Budget – Under $20/night)

The Madpacker’s Hostel

A fun and social hostel, Madpacker’s is in a somewhat quiet neighborhood in Delhi. They also organize excellent city tours! Given that it is a social hostel, come here for a great place to meet friends and other travelers, but if you’re looking for simply a quiet night’s sleep, you might want to look elsewhere. The location is good but can be hard to find – it might be difficult if you have a late flight in.

GoStops Delhi

If you want to get out and explore Delhi, GoStops has an awesome location! It’s right next to the metro station, fairly close to the train station and also close to Connaught Place. They have a variety of rooms on offer – from dorms to singles, so it’s a great place to stay, and a great place to meet people!

This post contains affiliate links – if you click and reserve a room, we may receive a portion of the proceeds. This does not impact which hotels we recommend!

Where to stay when you're visiting Delhi, India

A Walk Through Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is a must-see on any trip through India’s Golden Triangle. It’s hard to describe – it’s more than a “site” or a “palace” – it’s so giant and has so many facets that it defies easy description. Half of the site is a palace for one of the Mughal emperors. Half of it is one of the largest mosques in India, with one of the highest gates!

The whole of it is just breathtaking! It takes the better part of a half a day to get through, and it’s absolutely worth it! The complex is set on a hill, so has amazing views of the area around it. It has gorgeous red sandstone architecture. And then there’s the mosque, with some of the incredible marble work India is known for.

Amanda Plewes at Fatehpur Sikri

General Fatehpur Sikri Information

Fatehpur Sikri is outside of Agra on the road to Jaipur, so most Golden Triangle tours will include it. Read more

Awesome India-Inspired Home Decor and Art

When you love India and want to create a travel-inspired home, it can be hard to find just the right pieces. You want a balance between travel, India and the room without being kitchsy, cheesy or cheap-looking. And while you don’t want it to be cheap-looking, not being terribly expensive is always good!

India-Inspired Art & Wall Decor

Red Lotus Blossom Print (From $20.99)

Red Lotus Blossom Print

This gorgeous lotus blossom is made up of mandalas – an Indian art! It evokes the feelings of henna while being gorgeous! Read more

India’s Golden Triangle: Places You Must Visit

India’s Golden Triangle is made through the three points of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, and contains some of the country’s most incredible treasures. This is a common place to visit India for the first time – you’ll find lots of tours that focus on this area. With so much to see in the Golden Triangle, it can be hard to narrow it down.

Must-See Places in Delhi

Jama Masjid

This mosque is one of the biggest in India, and in the world! It can hold up to 25,000 people for worship. There are gorgeous entrance gates, and minarets as well. It’s important to know that women will be required to cover up when entering, but they provide robes. Read more

9 Things I Wish I Would Have Taken to India

India is commonly described as a whole different experience, even for seasoned travelers. That’s no lie, and there is a lot of stuff I wish I’d taken!

The Taj Mahal